Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hello and welcome to the Life of Vi!

This blog is all about my encounters with clothes and the people who wear them. I will be putting up a variety of different kinds of posts to draw on my favourite parts of fashion. This blog will include (and more!):

1. Outfit of the Day : This will allow me to share my favourite outfits with you. I will break down each look so that you can pick and choose the pieces that you like.

2. Snapshot Inspiration: These postings will feature snapshots of friends, family, celebrities and other people wearing outfits that are too good not to share.

3. Building a Wardrobe: This is the series that I am most excited about! Here we can discuss how to build a versatile and exciting wardrobe from a selection of basic pieces.

me (left) and my sister at my graduation

Now, a little about me. I am a 22-year old student from Canada. I am currently taking a year off between my undergraduate degree and law school, so this blog is going to be my in-between project. I have always loved art and I became completely enthralled by fashion when I moved to Montreal after high school. The city was full of different kinds of people wearing different kinds of clothes and - combined with a newly-discovered love of fashion magazines - clothing and style became my new artistic outlet. And the rest was history (especially since that was my major). 

Talk soon,

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