Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Sunday was Canada's 145th birthday! Since I'm a huge history nerd, I've collected 5 Fun Facts about our great nation :)

1. Kanata is the Iroquoian word for 'village' or 'settlement'.

2. In terms of land mass, Canada is the world's second-largest country. In terms of population, we are the ninth most sparsely-populated country in the world.

3. In 1998, 15 000 Canadian military personnel were deployed to deal with a massive snow storm. That's the largest deployment of Canadian forces since the Korean War.

4. William Shatner, Jim Carrey, Pamela Anderson, Justin Beiber, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Drake and Kim Cattrall are all Canadian.

5. Recent statistics show that about 477 000 men and 54 000 women in Canada are registered participants of a hockey team. 
To celebrate, my friend Alex hosted a summer BBQ and we all got to catch up and hang out. The weather was so nice and warm that we even changed into our bathing suits for some swimming (I'm not gonna lie, I chickened-out and stuck to the hot tub). Nothing like good food, great friends and a campfire to complete the perfect summer evening.

Happy belated Canada Day,
Talk soon,

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