Saturday, 3 September 2011


Summer fashion can be hard on the legs. If you aren't careful, short shorts, flirty dresses and lightweight skirts can leave you with a serious case of chub rub. To prevent the inner-thigh fire that all too often accompanies a humid summer day, throw a mini jar of petroleum jelly into your purse before you leave for the day. By rubbing a little of the gel on any sore spots, you can glide your way through the hottest months.

Not only can panty lines ruin the cutest of outfits, they can add extra weight onto your frame. To avoid a bad case of 'mom-butt', invest in a good thong. The fit should be comfortable and stretchy so that it doesn't cut into your sides and remains invisible under your clothing. If you can't stand the feeling of thongs, then try a short-length shaper. The shaper will provide the support that a normal boy-short panty lacks and will stay hidden under your clothes. Check out this version from Spanx for ideas (find it here).

Summer sweat can lead to stinky feet. Flats are particularly guilty culprits when it comes to foot funk. To keep the smell at bay, cut down on foot moisture by sprinkling baby powder into your shoes before heading out. This is a much better option than putting deoderant on your feet, since the dry formula doesn't cause you to slip in your sandals. Baby powder can also double as a fast fix for underarm odor if your deoderant begins to falter mid-day. At the end of a long day, slip a dryer sheet into each shoe to absorb any lingering odors.

Last but not least, the trickiest of summer fashion foils: the sweat stain. Not only are sweat stains embarrassing and uncomfortable, they can be hard on your clothing as well. But do not fear, there is a simple solution that does not involve painful and invasive Botox injections. Instead, try an over the counter anti-sweat formula like Drysol, which can be found at most pharmacies. Just skip your shave in the morning and then dab it on before bed. After that you can wear your favourite silk dress on the hottest day of the year and throw your hands in the air whenever you feel like it. Yes!

Now go out and conquer the last few weeks of summer, foil-free!
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