Wednesday, 28 September 2011


One of the most prevalent trends right now is Buddy Holly-style glasses. Holly, a 1950s rockabilly musician, became famous in the music world as the father of rock n' roll and famous in the fashion world for his iconic glasses.

Recently many actors and musicians have stepped onto the red carpet wearing thick-rimmed glasses. Here are some tips and tricks for becoming a fabulous four-eyes:

Fendi F855 Eyeglasses (find them here)

Tru Trussarti TR 12703 Eyeglasses (Find them here)

1. Pick a shape that flatters your face
When you are choosing a pair of glasses consider the shape of your face. Do you have a wide or narrow forehead? Are your eyes close-set or farther apart? What shape is your jaw? All of these factors will help you determine what shape of frames will be most flattering on your face. For instance, I have an oval/heart-shaped face, a very high forehead, arched brows and wide eyes. This means that cat-eye frames, like the Fendi pair, and rectangular frames, like the Tru Trussarti pair, nicely balance out my face. By picking a pair carefully according to your facial proportions (as opposed to what is trendy at the moment), you can be sure your frames will outlive the trend.

2. Look for interesting details

(Tru Trussarti)                                        (Fendi)
Since heavily-rimmed glasses are very on trend right now, look for interesting details that will make your glasses memorable and unique. The Tru Trussarti pair (above left) that I own have a great snakeskin pattern on the inside of the arm. Likewise, the Fendi pair (above right) have a cutout detailing on the outside of the arm. These little effects can instantly add style and personality to your look.

3. Choose a flattering colour
Although most Buddy Holly-inspired glasses are black, don't let this limit your choice of colour and texture. A shiny black plastic frame is more traditional, while a brown tortoise shell adds interest and dimension. It's also a great option for people with paler complexions like me, since it is softer and warmer than black.

4. Consider your prescription
Last but not least, remember to consider your prescription when choosing your frame. Your eye doctor can help you decide how wide/high/thick your frames should be. Once you have these guidelines, then you can make a better decision about the shape and style of your glasses.

Buddy Holly's death may have marked "the day the music died", but his iconic glasses continue to inspire.
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