Saturday, 15 October 2011


When I see the leaves changing I always get excited because one of my favourite parts of fall weather is boots. Boots are the triple-threat of footwear: they are stylish, comfortable and weather-appropriate. Boots are also very versatile and they can be used to dress an outfit up or down. The right boot can add colour and texture to your outfit while slimming your frame. Here are three staple styles of must-have boots.

1. The Riding Boot

Steve Madden
Riding boots are by-far my favourite kind of footwear. Choose a pair that comes 1"-2" below your knee to maximize their slenderizing effect. Avoid pairs that hit you mid-calf, since they can create the illusion of a shorter leg. Also pay attention to the shape and size of the heel. You want a short, thick heel to preserve the 'outdoorsy' feel of the boot. They should be a fashionable take on horseback riding boots, so avoid overly-shiny finishes and pointy heels. If you find that the sole/heel is worn, then pop by your local cobbler and have them fixed up. Leather ages well, so don't be afraid to make an investment - they can last you years!  Wear With: Riding boots are the most versatile type of boot so go ahead and experiment! Try pairing them with jeans, leggings or a flirty dress and tights. Recommended: Above brown riding boots from Steve Madden (find a similar pair here) or black Kolding boots from Ecco (find them here).

-2. The Cowboy Boot

Vintage (My mom's from the 80s)
Cowboy boots are a great way to add personality to an outfit. Try a bright colour for a fun twist or stick to monochromatic leather patterns for a more tradition look. Pick a pair with high quality leather so that they age well and look for details like tassels, buttons, decals and patterns when choosing the perfect pair. Wear With: Try pairing them with jeans, a patterned top and a bomber jacket. Avoid jean cutoffs, they tend to be tacky. Recommended: For a real pair of cowboy boots, search out a custom cobbler in your area. There are stores that specialize in making amazing and unique pairs. If that's a little beyond your budget, try this Aldo pair (find them here).

3.  The Ankle Boot



Last but not least, we have ankle boots. Watch out with this style, because proportion is very important!  Usually, ankle boots are cut either around 2"-3" above your ankle (bottom) or at a slight downward angle starting at the ankle (above). The latter style tends to be more formal, so pick a more polished finish. For the former, try a worn brown leather or suede (watch out for rain on suede though!) for a more relaxed look. Avoid witchy details like overly-intricate lacings, patent finished and super-pointed heels. Wear With: Be careful with proportions - try skinny jeans or leggings with chunky wool socks. Avoid bare legs, especially with shorter black pairs. Recommended: Junction by Ecco (above - find them here) or Leros by Ecco (find them here). They make very durable, high quality boots.

Wishing you fall boot weather!
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