Sunday, 23 October 2011


Red lipstick is a great fall accessory and the perfect pop of colour to dress up a simple outfit. Right now I'm really loving orangy-red tints like the one above. They can be less harsh than dark reds and easier to wear during the day. 

Yesterday was the first time that I tried the Lip Kiss Crayon from Lise Watier, in Mango Punch (find it here), and I was very pleasantly surprised. It goes on smooth like a lipstick, but it has the hydration of a gloss. The perfect wearable red.

If you find that red lipstick is a pain to apply, try these 5 EASY STEPS to the perfect pout!

1. Exfoliate, then Lip Balm

The biggest pain with red lipstick is that it can make your lips look dry. Before you start be sure to gently exfoliate your lips using a scrub (or make your own with olive oil and brown sugar) and apply a hydrating lip balm to lock in the moisture. 

2. Line Your Lips

Next, line your lips with a nude lip liner to make sure that the colour stays put. You can use a red lip liner as well, but make sure that the shades match. This will help keep the colour from bleeding.

3. Apply the Colour

Use a lip brush if you have one (if not just use the tube) and apply the red evenly onto your lips. In these pictures, I used Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wine With Everything (find it here). It's a darker, bluer red than the Lise Watier colour. Don't worry if you make a little mistake, we'll fix it in the next step - it's better not to smudge it. Go slowly around your cupid's bow (the little indent on the top lip under your nose) so that you get a clear line.

4. Fix Any Mistakes

Put a little concealer onto a small-sized foundation brush and go around the outside of your lips to create a nice crisp edge. You can also use a clean lipstick brush, or even a clean eyeshadow brush, to do this step. This will really polish your look.

5. Highlight your Cupid's Bow

Last but not least, use an eyeshadow brush to lightly apply a little highlight onto your cupid's bow. It will make your lips your full, plump and perfect :) You can also use a cream highlight if you have one.

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