Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Shirt: Dynamite (find it here)
Skirt: H&M (find a similar one here)
Tights: H&M (find a similar pair here)
Watch: Couturier, Tissot (find it here)
Shoes: Ecco (find a similar pair here)
Hey all! I'm having one of those weeks where I keep getting a day ahead of myself - does that ever happen to you? I think it's because I've been off work for the past few weeks and you start to loose track of the days. What have all of you guys been up to this week? On Saturday I had a 'girls night' in Toronto with two of my best friends. We ate at a delicious Indian restaurant called Babur (mmmm....samosas...mmmm) and then we hit up Yuk Yuk's to catch their "Cool Chicks of Comedy" show. I had never been to a Yuk Yuk's before, but I loved it! The comedians were so funny, I thought I was going to die laughing.

The outfit that I wore was pretty simple. I chose the same black skirt that I've been wearing a lot over the past couple of weeks (I can't help myself - it's so easy and comfy) with a pair of opaque tights and flats. I paired it with this new ruffly floral top that I bought at Dynamite. I had originally purchased this top as part of my 'grown up work clothes' mission since it matches my blue suit, but I think it looks really nice in casual outfits as well. Just goes to show that you really can get lots of use out of your work clothes! This was also the night that I tried out my dark red-brown lipstick as part of my "4 in 4" challenge. I really like the way it played up the maroon flowers in the top.

The next morning I made an impromptu road trip to Kingston to sign the lease for a new apartment. After months of studying, applying and waiting for acceptances, I have finally decided to go to Queen's University for law school yayyy! Needless to say, I had to find myself a place to live :) I'm really excited to decorate the apartment in September. I'll make sure to take before and after pictures to show you guys.

If you want to find a Yuk Yuk's near you (they're all over the country) click the link below. It's a great idea for a date or a night with your friends! After all, who doesn't like a good laugh?!

Talk soon,

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