Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Sweater: American Eagle Outfitters (find a similar one here)
Tank Top: Calvin Klein (find a similar one here)
Jeans: Levi's (find them here)
Scarf: Urban Outfitters (find a similar one here)
Boots: Aeropostal (find a similar pair here)
Watch: Guess (find a similar one here)

Hi everyone! Do you guys every wear your parents'/siblings'/friends' clothing? When I was studying at McGill, I lived with a bunch of my girlfriends and we had a kind of 'open closet' policy; so as long as you returned things in good working order, you were allowed to wear the other person's clothes. It was great because it expanded my closet and gave me so many fun pieces to play around with that I normally wouldn't have purchased. Thankfully my parents are super fashion-forward, so even though I've moved home, I still get to root through other people's closets and put together cool new outfits. 

Today's outfit is a prime example of my clothing-borrowing ways. I'm going to see Stars on Ice with a friend tonight (the very same friend who closet-shared with me in Montreal), so I wanted something fun to wear that would be warm enough for an ice rink. I borrowed this fabulous off-the-shoulder sweater from my mom's closet. When you're borrowing from other people's closets, remember to dress their clothes to fit you. For instance, my mom and I have very different figures - she's long and tall to my short and curvy. So in order to wear her sweater, I had to add a white tank (also from her closet) underneath to give the shirt a little more structure. Side note: If you find that off-the-shoulder tops make a larger bust look boxy, try adding a fitted shirt underneath to give your silhouette some definition.

Since the top half of my outfit fit loosely, I balance it out with my new pair off Levi's skinny jeans. After years of faithful service, my $11 skinnies from Forever 21 finally gave out. RIP. Since I was so impressed with the black Levi's Curve ID skinny jeans that I bought a couple of months ago, I returned to buy the same pair in dark blue. But be careful when you're shopping at Levi's - all of their jeans are made from slightly different materials (I assume it's so that they hold their colour properly), so if you're buying the same pair of jeans in a different colour, you should try them on first! I ended up wearing a slightly smaller size in blue than in black. This pair is the darkest blue wash that they make and so far I'm loving them!

Last but not least, I added my dad's black and white triangle scarf and my mom's motorcycle boots. Despite my dislike for mid-calf boots, I have a soft spot for motorcycle boots. They look so cool and casual and they remind me of the Sons of Anarchy (if you've never seen that show, then run don't walk to the nearest TV and watch it!) My look isn't particularly edgy per se, but I like adding in unfamiliar touches to mix it up. As for the scarf, I bought it as a Christmas gift for my dad a couple of years ago and I can't help but borrow it every once in a while lol. 

Talk soon!

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