Saturday, 26 May 2012


Why I Love Him: I thought that it was time to bring in a male style icon, so who better than Mr. Bond himself. Compared to other camera-loving stars, the famously private Daniel Craig is hardly photographed, but his great style catches your eye nonetheless! I really love how Craig plays around with fashion accessories, like shoes, hats, belts and bags. In a world of t-shirt-and-jeans men, it's a refreshing change. I also like that Craig isn't afraid to dress up. His street style is classy and upscale without looking overdone, while his red carpet style's very James Bond.
Best Style Moment: I think his best red carpet moment was the Tom Ford tuxedo he wore to the 2009 Oscars (top centre). The midnight blue colour, the silk lapels and collar and the white pocket square were the perfect finishing touches to a perfectly elegant tuxedo. In terms of street style, my favourite moment was definitely the grey-blue grandpa sweater and white henley combo he wore in London (bottom centre). Love me a henley. That face doesn't hurt either... 
Worst Style Moment: While I understand the look that he was going for with the denim shirt and red scarf combo he wore to 'LIVE' with Regis and Kelly in 2011 (you know, the bohemian-French-artist-who-wears-kooky-scarves look), I just couldn't get behind the outfit.  
Defining Style Attributes: Fitted suits, accent accessories, aviator-style sunglasses, layered clothing and snazzy shoes.

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