Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Romper: Garage Clothing (find a similar version here)
Bag: Marche aux Puces Clignancourt, Paris (find a similar one here)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (find them here
Hat: Femme (find a similar one here)

Hi everyone:) Sorry it took me so long to gather all of the pictures from Day 2 of the festival, but here they are! Hope you enjoy. Since it was another scorcher (42 degree with the humidity), I reached for my floral romper - it's such an ol' faithful for hot days! I paired it with my olive green wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face and my Ray Ban sunglasses. Once it cooled off it the evening, I ditched my hat and pulled my hair up in a bun to keep it off my neck :)

The weather was soooo hot in the afternoon, that we spent a lot of time hanging out in the shade listening to music. We saw lots of great bands including The Sheepdogs, Feist, The Arkells and even the newly reincarnated Snoop Lion (reincarnation seems to have done nothing for his sense of timing, however. He was the only artist who took the stage late - a whopping 45min!).
Every little speck of shade was occupado :)
We also saw all sorts of people doing 'yarn graffiti'" - it was everywhere!
Once the sun went down and the weather started to cool off a bit, we were able to get closer to the mainstages. We met up with some old friends from university and got to spend the evening with them! It was so nice to catch up and listen to music and relax together :)
Old friends together again :)
The last concert of the night was The Sheepdogs and they were really amazing live! I had seen them once on an episode of Project Runway, where the challenge was to design outfits for the musicians that suited the band's sound. They came up with some crazy 70s'-style get-ups! Safe to say that the band looked much more relaxed in their own clothes, lol! They kinda reminded me of older versions of Hyde from That 70s Show (I'm not gonna lie I have a huge crush on that curly-haired rebel haha).

Looks out for my post on our last day at the festival!
(Today's my birthday too, so I'll do a post on that as well - yay!)
Talk soon,

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