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Hi everyone! Yesterday I went on a mini road trip with two of my friends to do some shopping in the United States. Since we only live about two and a half hours from the American border, we like to take advantage of the cheap clothing prices and low taxes down south!

I've wanted to make a "Come Shopping with Me" post for a while now and I figured that this was a great opportunity. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to film inside the outlet mall, so I had take pictures instead of a video. I did however put together a little road trip video so that you guys can come along on our shopping adventure!

Before we left, I updated my 'wish list' to make sure that I knew what things I needed/wanted - this also helps me avoid impulse buys. For other tricks about how to shop effectively, check out my "How To Shop Like a Pro" post here

It's important to remember that not everything is going to fit. Don't let it get you down. Remind yourself that shopping should be fun. Even if you try on five pairs of pants and none of them fit, just shrug it off and move on to the next store. In this blog post, I'll show you both the things that fit and those that didn't.

Okay so maybe this isn't your typical shopping trip stop, but I really needed a pair of workout pants for the gym. My old ones were starting to get embarrassing because they had worn so thin! I was looking for a fitted knee-length pair. After browsing around the shop, I picked out three pairs that fit my criteria and I headed off to the change rooms.

Item 1: The first ones that I tried on were a pair of pink striped pants. The fit was comfortable and snug without being too tight. They were are made from a great Dry Fit material and the waistband sat comfortably. They also had a cool mesh patch behind each knee so that your legs can breathe as you work out. Last but not least, they passed the Down Dog Test. You have to be very careful with athletic pants because they are often transparent when you bend over. I once had a very awkward yoga class experience involving a pair of see-through gym pants and the downward facing dog position. Needless to say if you can't bend over without the material loosing its opacity, then they fail the test.

Item 2: The second pair that I tried on were the same size and style as the first pair, but in a different colour. They were black instead of dark grey, but I liked the colour of the first pair better.

Item 3: The last pair that I tried on were super unflattering. The material was way too tight and they didn't come close to passing the Down Dog Test. I couldn't even take a picture from the side because they were so revealing. This pair was quickly tossed into the 'no' pile. 

Verdict: Item 1 was the winner :) The fit, price and colour were all perfect!


Item 1: I really loved this green and brown felt backpack. Wouldn't it be perfect for university in the fall!? Sadly, it was a little out of my price range at one hundred dollars. I decided to add it to my wishlist and sleep on it. If I still want it in a couple of week, then I can always go back and buy it as a special treat. 

Verdict: Nothing from this store. Maybe I'll come back for the backpack another day. 


My third stop was Levi's. I was really interested and not a little skeptical about their new Curve ID line. According to their campaign, all you have to do is get measured and the attendant will tell you your "curve ID" (read: size) which will, in turn, lead you to the perfect pair of jeans.

So I bravely allowed the sales lady to strap me into this strange contraption (see funny picture above) where you cross your arms and lean to the side while they measure you. I was then informed that I was a "Demi Curve" with short legs (how flattering...) and directed to the appropriate section of the wall of denim. I picked a pair of black jeans - I already own more than enough blue denim - and headed to the change rooms. 

In the change rooms we met Princess (real name Renee) who let me to sneak pictures even though you aren't allowed to have cameras in the store. In return, I promised to post a picture of her doing her runway walk :D

Item 1: Despite my hesitations, Levi's system seemed to work. I really love the fit of these jeans! I've never had a pair of black jeans before, but now I'm really excited to wear them. The jeans fit snugly, but not too tight and they are a great dark shade of black. Princess told me that if I wash them inside out they will hold their colour better over time. The only thing that I was hesitant about was that they don't have a lot of stretch, which usually makes the bum baggy after couple hours of wear, but the sales lady said that since the waistband sat flush against my skin they would stay nice and tight.
Item 2: Since I wasn't sure about the stretch in the first pair, I tried on the same colour and style in a slightly stretchier model. Princess was right. The first ones were much nicer. 
Verdict: The black Demi Curve 29 9s (read: short legs) was the winner and I walked away with a brand new pair of black jeans!


Last but not least we made a pit stop at Target (an American grocery/clothes/drugstore) to pick up some makeup products. Since most makeup in Canada is from the US anyways, you can find all of your favourite products for a fraction of the cost when you shop in the United States. I restocked on mascara and foundation, while my friend Lauren decided to try a couple of products that aren't available in Canada. Have you ever used these products before?

After a long day of shopping, we indulged in Olive Garden's unlimited bread sticks (mmmm ... we really need to get these in Canada) before heading home. Much love to my trusty travel companions who help me take pictures and videos for my blog!
Talk soon,

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