Thursday, 12 January 2012


Transitioning you summer wardrobe into fall and winter is a great way to extend the usability of your wardrobe and maximize the cost efficiency of your clothes. Here are some quick ideas on how to make your clothing last all year:

1. Layer tights and a cardigan over a summer dress or romper.
2. Put a blazer over a summer tank and wear it with jeans rather than shorts.
3. Try pairing a light summer scarf with a winter sweater for a pop of colour.

One thing that we rarely think of when it comes to our year-round wardrobe is summer accessories. Believe it or not, they are some of the easiest things to transition. For example, this morning was really grey and dreary so I decided to add a pop of colour to my outfit with this summer hair accessory (I think I bought it at H&M). In the summertime, I wear it in my hair for a fun flirty look. You can clip it beside your bun or use it to keep the hair out of your face at the beach.

*Side note: The added volume from the flower is a great way to disguise a bad hair day/beach hair.
*Side-side note: If you're going for a flower accessory, make sure that it's made from quality material so that it doesn't look cheap. Avoid things like rhinestones and shimmer dust. You are not a fairy.

All you have to do to transition it into winter is clip it onto a heavy woolen scarf for a fun pop of colour. You could also wear it like a brooch on your sweater or coat too. The contrast between the heavy winter fabric and the light summer accessory is a great way to play with texture.

If you want to make your summer accessories winter-friendly with a little DIY magic, then glue a safety pin or brooch clip onto the back with a hot glue gun. That way you can wear them in your hair or clipped onto a sweater/scarf/jacket whenever you want :)

Talk soon!

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