Saturday, 14 January 2012


I must confess: I am a huge fan of manicures. I love the look of perfectly shaped, perfectly polished nails, but I hate spending $20-$30 dollars on something that will be chipped and flawed within a couple of days. That being said, I'm pretty lucky in the nail department. Since I have ABS, I only have two nails to shape, paint and primp, but it still drives me absolutely nuts when they're flawed (read: first world problems).

Thankfully, the gods of nail care heard my plea and invented a great new product that solves all of your manicure woes! Allow me to introduce you to Shellac. If you haven't already met, then take a gander at the picture above and check out my hard-as-rock, not-flawed-at-all nails (please forgive my scaly skin - this winter weather is giving me a severe case of lizard hands.)

Here are the reasons why I love Shellac:
  1.  Since it dries using UV light rather than air exposure like a normal polish, there is a very short drying period 
  2. No chips, flaws, weird imprints from your bedsheets/socks/gloves or other annoying problems that you have with a normal polish
  3. It goes directly onto your natural nails and *drum roll* doesn't leave them brittle and gross afterwards
  4. It's mirror-like finish lasts for about two weeks 
Here are some less awesome things about Shellac:
  1. You have to have it professionally done because of the UV lamp required to dry the polish
  2. You have to use 100% acetone to remove it after two weeks (I usually use a heavy moisturizer afterwards)
Here's the skinny on Shellac. This new(ish) product works like a polish-gel hybrid. I was pretty skeptical at first, because I really hate those goopy-looking gel nails with the long fake tips. That being said, I asked about Shellac this summer when I went to the salon to get my nails done before I went on vacation. Seeing as I was about to leave for six weeks to a reasonably remote island in the south Aegean where you run a significantly higher chance of encountering a goat in the middle of the street than a nail salon, I decided I could use the extra staying power. I was very pleasantly surprised! The no fuss, no muss application was rivaled only by the fact that it stayed flaw-free and shiny for two weeks, despite being exposed the airport baggage claim, some nervous cuticle picking and many a sandy beach. All in all, Shellac is a great way to get hard, shiny, natural nails. What can I say... I'm a convert!

*Side note: When I went to get my nails done in the colour featured above (it's called Beau), which I thought to be a very tasteful and classic nude, the manicurist essentially told me that I was boring haha! She kinda shrugged at my nails and said that I should pick brighter colours. I don't know why, but I think that's so funny :)

Still not convinced? Check out CND's website here.

Wishing you non-boring nails!
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  1. You can buy the LED/UV lights in kits now at regular stores or on Amazon.