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I love the smell of hairspray in the morning - it's Oscar time again!! Did you guys watch this year's Academy Awards? I had a mini Oscar party with my parents and we filled out ballots as part of our annual award night competition (we are a competitive bunch...) I won. Just sayin' ;)

This year there were lots of familiar trends. Old Hollywood curls were popular for the ladies, as were bow ties on the boys. White and orange-red seemed to be the colours of choice and lots of gowns featured beautiful trains. One thing that did surprise me, however, was how undecided I felt about most of the gowns. Usually I decide pretty quickly whether or not I like an outfit, but I was stumped by some of the choices. Maybe the bar was set too high after the great Golden Globes dresses. What did you guys think?

Let's start with my Top Four Best Dressed...

Oh Penelope. You've done it again. How can someone possibly look this good in periwinkle? Let's start with the styling. I really liked the 'simple' diamond collarette necklaces that were all over the red carpet last night and this one is no exception. I also love her hair and makeup because it lets her pretty face and lovely dress take centre stage. As for the gown itself (made by Armani), it really plays up Cruz's figure. The bodice is nice and snug without being tight and it shows off her bust without assaulting us with exposed cleavage. Sometimes full skirts can look too heavy, but the light colour and gauzy texture of the fabric suit the silhouette perfectly. Well played Ms. Cruz, well played.

Let's be honest. Those bangs and that neckline are strange. They are also absolutely stunning. I really love the way that Mara has been glamorizing her super-choppy punk haircut from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo all through this year's awards season. Her unique sense of style is really shinning through. My favourite part of this Givenchy creation is the construction. The top half is so structured with its raised bust panels and U-shaped neckline, but it perfectly compliments the flowing skirt. This look definitely takes advantage of Mara's unique figure and daring styling. Love it!

I first started loving Leslie Mann when she played Ursula in George of the Jungle (java, java, java, java...) Those curls...that safari-chic style...good times. This dress goes to show that she's still got it! Firstly, I really like that Mann embraces her pale complexion. The deep navy really plays up her nice skin.  Secondly, I like that this Roberto Cavalli gown has a classic column shape that is made interesting and dynamic by its detailing. The beaded detailing creates the illusion of a narrow waist and slim hips (even though she has a lovely figure as is) and the draping adds a nice element of visual interest. I also like the train. But I'm a sucker for a good train :)

Last but certainly not least is Kristen Wigg. Gotta love a girl with a killer sense of humour and a killer sense of style. I was a little nervous after that brown silk number at the Emmys, but Wigg's J Mendel dress is picture perfect! The textural detailing really makes the dress. I love the transition from the woven bodice to the smooth hips into the feathered skirt. Her styling is great too. I love the diamond cuff (although - let's be honest - I'd be hard-pressed to find a diamond cuff that I didn't like), as well as her pinky-nude lipstick. I even like her dark nail polish - it seems to suit her personality. My only complaint is that I kinda wish that gown was a brighter nude, but the look is lovely nonetheless.

Now for the dresses that left me scratching my chin. I just can't decide if I love them or if they're just so-so. Let me know what you think in the side-bar or in the comments!! Here are my Top Four Just-Can't-Decide Dresses...

I'm fairly certain that I love this dress. The lines are so nice and crisp. The whole thing looks clean and elegant and the colour is great against Paltrow's skin. And yet... No matter which way you look at it, girlfriend is wearing a floor-length cape. Generally speaking, I think that this particular fashion trend is best left to Gandalf, but there's no denying that I still kinda like it. Even though it looks like she pulled a sweater over her shoulders to keep off the chill. Even if she vaguely reminds me of the Flying Nun. I just can't help but like it. What do you guys thing?

Here's another example of a dress that I would love if there wasn't something about it that makes me hesitate. Maybe it's a little bit too big? I mean, without the slit it would probably look like she belted the draperies from Dita Von Teese's living room. But those shoes are undeniable fabulous and even with the weird side-volume, Jolie's dress is still gorgeous. On second thought, I think that I'm just being biased because I don't like her new lighter haircolour. Yes, I think that must be it. Thoughts?

Let me start by saying that - like with the other "undecided" dresses - I really do like Jovovich's gown. The old Hollywood glamour is spot on and her hair and makeup are super flattering. I also love the silhouette that she chose. The wrap-style shoulder is to die for and the mini train is so elegant! I think that maybe it's the fabric that I'm not crazy for. It just seems a tiny bit too heavy for the shape and style of the dress. The shoulder almost looks padded. What do you think - am I being silly or would this dress look better in a lighter (still shimmery!) material? Hmmm...

Love the bob. Love the shimmer. LOVE the back (it swoops into a plunging single-strap racerback-type number). Love the shoes. Not a huge fan of the draping around the hips and thighs. I don't know why it irks me, but I just can't get behind the bunching. It's not even that the dress is unflattering in the hips because Rose Byrne looks lovely as usual, but I just think it would have looked that much nicer with a straight column skirt. Especially with that fabulous clingy top part and the narrow bottom. What do you guys think?

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