Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Get ready - it's time for a big art attack!! This week I finally got around to making the buttons that I bought at the Chelsea Flea Market (read about my New York adventures here) into a bracelet. I'm so happy with the results and, better yet, it was easy and affordable to make!

The materials that you'll need for this project are pretty straight forward. I used a thin navy piping for the string part, but coloured embroidery thread would work equally well. To connect the two ends of the bracelet I used a hook and eye clasp, but a lobster fastening or any other type of hook would work just fine. Other than that, all you need are some basic craft materials (scissors, glue, etc.) and something to decorate your bracelet like a bead or button.

First things first, thread your buttons onto the string. Use a sewing pick to push the string through if it gives you trouble. I really like the look of the mismatched buttons - it gives the bracelet a unique touch. 

Next, attach one side of the clip to the bracelet. I tied the ends of the string into a double knot and then coated the whole knot with super glue to be sure that it didn't come undone in the shower. You don't have to worry about the length of the bracelet yet so just make sure that it's firmly attached.

Now you have to decide the length of your bracelet. I wanted mine to wrap around my wrist twice so I measured it accordingly. Make sure to add about 2cm of extra length to the end so that you have room to attach the clasp. When you're sure about the length, use your scissors to cut the extra string off. 
Last but not least, you have to attach the second half of the clip. Once again you're going to double knot the string and then coat it with super glue so that it stays put. If you value your arm hairs, make sure to let the super glue dry entirely before trying it on. Clip any extra string with your scissors and voila! One unique, pretty bracelet in no time at all! Easy peasy.

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