Sunday, 17 June 2012


One of my favourite things about Garance Dore's blog (check it out here) is that she photographs people in their own homes. Something about being in your element makes you more relaxed and more natural. The same feeling seems to translate into people's 'at home' style. When people are at home, they dress in whatever makes them feel most comfortable and beautiful. The effect of outside influences like events, locations and other people is dulled and you can really experience their personal style

I took this picture of my friend Daniela this past weekend after a lovely dinner at her house. Not only does the decor in her living room seem to reflect her unique and elegant style, but the photos capture her the way that I always think of her: laughing and engaged in conversation. Side note: love those wedges! To see more pictures of Daniela's style, click here and here.

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