Friday, 15 June 2012


Tank Top: Gap (find it here)
Shorts: H&M (find a similar one here)
Bag: Marche aux Puces Clignancourt, Paris (find a similar one here)
Watch: Couturier, Tissot (find it here)
Scarf: H&M (find a similar one here)

Hi everyone! Yesterday was my first day off in two weeks, so I headed out for an adventure in the city with my two friends, Alyssa and Lauren. I had such a lovely day and it was so rejuvenating to get away from work (I'm working at an outdoor restaurant for the summer before I head back to school) and spend the day doing fun things with my friends. I honestly went back today with such an improved attitude (is that too obnoxiously new-age positive?) This was also my first day trying out my new camera - I upgraded to a Nikon D3100 - so the picture quality on my blog should be much better from now on!

As you can see from the picture of me squinting in the sun, I wore my new H&M shorts and a white tank top. I really love the classic feel of this outfit. It's almost outback-y (I'm fairly positive that I just made that word up) with the green-khaki colours and the leather accessories. I also wore my favourite leather sandals that I bought last summer from the Monasktiraki flea market in Athens, but I forgot to take a picture of them. 
We started off our afternoon by driving into the Shops at Don Mills, which is this little shopping district in northern Toronto. It's very carefully groomed and manicured, so you feel like you're walking into a posh little neighbourhood. My friend Lauren suggested that we try an Italian restaurant called Fabbrica and the food was soooo amazing! I had the most delicious potato pizza with bacon, asiago and green onions on it. Yummy!
After lunch we walked through the shops and enjoyed the sun. It was such a lovely day outside, I couldn't believe our luck! We visited a bunch of stores and drooled over the chunky rose-gold Michael Kors watches, before heading over to the gelato store for a treat :)

Wishing you summer fun and great friends!
Talk soon,

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