Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hi everyone! I decided to do a rundown of my skincare routine today, since I haven't really done anything beauty-related in a while. My complexion is pretty straightforward - I have very fair combination skin. Thankfully, I'm lucky enough that I don't struggle with acne or breakouts, but I do have extremely sensitive skin when it comes to the sun. I also have to be careful around my eyes, because my eyes get irritated and infected (gross!) if I don't completely remove my makeup each night. So here's how I keep my skin in tip top shape:
If you have very sensitive skin, soap of any kind is probably off limits, but I have to be sure to completely remove my makeup every night to avoid irritating my eyes. Since Dove's soap bar is hypo-allergenic and partly made of moisturizer, it's perfect for the job. Side note: If you find that you get redness and tenderness right at the base of your eyelashes, you may have the same problem as me. The makeup that you don't remove settles in your eyelash follicles while you sleep, causing a small infection. If you make sure that all of your makeup is off before you go to bed, your eyes will be clean and free of irritants all day long.
2. PAMPERS SENSITIVE WIPES (find them here)
Even when you're tired or you get home late, it's really important that you don't sleep in your makeup. That said, makeup removing wipes can be super expensive and they come in small packages that don't last you very long. Instead, I buy baby wipes for sensitive skin - their formula is easy on your face since it's made to be gentle enough for newborn babies, but tough enough to get all the makeup off before you hit the sack. I keep a box of them in my bedside table so that I don't have any excuse not to clean off my makeup - even if I'm already tucked into bed!
3. BIORE MOISTURE LOTION SPF 15 (find it here)
I've mentioned this product before, but I really can't live without it. If you have oily or combination skin, you know how hard it can be to find a cream that moisturizes your skin without leaving a greasy residue. Look no further! This great Biore moisturizer is light and nourishing without any of the annoying oilyness that other products leave behind. I use it after I wash my face in the morning to keep my skin nice and supple. Added bonus: it smells yummy!

I had never really thought about using a night cream until a couple of months ago, but I kept reading about how beneficial it was, so I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. After testing Nivea's Q10 moisturizer, I was pleasantly surprised! It's a lot heavier than a typical day cream, but it's surprisingly non-greasy and it works like a charm overnight. I instantly noticed that any dryness or tightness that I felt in my skin went away after a couple of uses. Now I just rub a little on before bed and I'm ready to go!
There is nothing more irritating that having dry lips. I can't even watch those Subway commercials where that guy tells you about how he lost all this weight on the Subway diet, because I keep staring at his chapped lips. So, in order to avoid a I'm-Jared-from-Subway-esque lip crisis, I use Nivea's Essential Care lip balm. It goes on clear and smooth and leave you with plump, moisturized lips. I put it on before bed and I also carry one in my purse just in case. No muss, no fuss.
 6. DERMAGLOW SPF 70 SUNSCREEN (find it here)
Like I said, my skin is suuuper sensitive to the sun. Two summers ago - even though I wore a strong sunblock - I got a permanent sunspot on my forehead from sun damage (boo!), so I decided to search for a stronger sunblock to beat the heat. The problem is, sunscreens and sunblocks are always so oily and they tend to run underneath your makeup. So I spoke to the dermatologist and she recommended Dermaglow SPF 70 and it worked wonders! I wear this sunblock any day when I know that I will be outside in the sun (so almost every day during the summer) to help protect my skin from any harmful rays. I just rub it all over my face in the morning, give it a minute or two to dry and then apply my makeup right over top. It even stood up to the extreme heat when I was in Greece last summer! If you're sick of sun damage, then this is definitely the product for you! Side note: they also have an SPF 100 version for even more heavy duty protection :)

Wishing you flawless skin!
Talk soon,

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