Friday, 13 April 2012


This Week's Mission: This week's mission was supposed to be false eyelashes, but after several failed attempts I decided to try the sock bun instead and leave the devil lashes for next week. I think I'm going to try individual ones instead of a full set and see how it goes. Wish me luck.

Inspiration: I originally saw the sock bun in a video tutorial on Youtube and, suddenly, everything made sense. I kept seeing all these girls with voluminous, luscious buns, but I couldn't for the life of me recreate the look in my own bathroom. I mean, how hard could it be?! On a scale from one to unmanageably thick hair, I'm doing pretty well, but my buns always looked small compared to those gracing the heads of in-the-know fashion bloggers. And when I did manage to get all of my hair on top of my head, the bun would get all frizzy and slip down throughout the day. Not to mention that bobby pins would disappear into my hair only to resurface days later after repeatedly stabbing me in the scalp. Needless to say, buns were not my thing. But after trying the sock bun today, I can honestly say that I'll be wearing them much more often - it's so easy to do! 

Tips and Tricks: After watching a bunch of tutorials, I kinda played around with my hair until I found what worked best for me. Most tutorials will tell you to start with the sock around the end of your ponytail and slowly roll it down towards your head until you have a nice big bun. Unfortunately, my hair is layered, so this technique really didn't work very well. Every time that I tried to roll the sock down, a thousand little pieces of hair escaped.
Instead, I rolled two socks together to make a chubbier ring (so that the middle hole was smaller and the ring was tighter around my ponytail) and slipped it down around the base of my ponytail. Next, I fanned the hair around the ring to cover the sock and then wrapped the remaining hair around the sock like a normal bun. I tucked the ends under the sock ring and secured it with an elastic. Add a couple of pins to keep everything in place and you're good to go :)

Results: LOVE it! Not only does the sock bun look thick and round, but it stays in place all day long. I didn't have to readjust it at any point in throughout the day and there were no annoying pieces falling out. I'll definitely be repeating this look!

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