Monday, 2 April 2012


This Week's Mission: The fishtail braid. Let me say for the record: easier said than done. The actual braid itself is pretty easy peasy, but making the rest of your hair stay put is another story. 

Inspiration: I've been seeing this look a lot on the red carpet lately, so I watched some youtube videos to learn how to do it. The best one was by The Beauty Department. If you aren't familiar with them, the Beauty Department is a group of young women (and men??) - most notably The Hills' Lauren Conrad - who post blogs and videos about hair and makeup. Check out their website here or watch the video on fishtail braids here

Tips and Tricks: Having layered hair definitely complicated things. Little wisps kept escaping from the braid, so I used a light mist of hairspray to give the strands more texture - it seemed to make them a bit more manageable. I also sprayed dry shampoo onto the roots of my hair to give them a little lift. If you have bangs, you could probably leave them out to frame your face. The biggest pain in the butt was keeping the hair in the braid at the base of my neck. I ended up using a little alligator clip to secure everything. 

Results: Generally speaking, I'm not the biggest fan of braids. I think that they have an unfortunate tendency to make people's heads look small. Nevertheless, this look was pretty cute. The hardest part wasn't the braid itself, but rather trying to get everything to stay put. I had to add a ton of pins here and there to keep everything in place and I found that it detracted from the aesthetic of the look. When I finally secured the front, the back looked a little odd and vice versa. While I can't say that I'd wear it everyday, I would definitely wear a fishtail braid with a cute summer hat (to solve the weird-looking back problem)!

As you know, some of my friends are doing the 4 in 4 challenge with me - check out their looks below! Did you guys try this trend? Send in a picture of your look and I'll post it here!

Next week's challenge: false eyelashes!
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