Monday, 28 November 2011


1. TV Series or Movies


Does your loved one have a TV series or movie that they just can't get enough of? Why not try something that you guys can watch together? TV shows and movies are great because you can choose a gift that you know they'll love. Try Discovery Channel shows like Shark Week or Man vs. Wild if you're stuck on ideas or if you're shopping for a tough crowd. Those people pleasers are bound to bring together any family! Here are some other ideas:

For the Sci-Fi Fanatic:
Firefly or The Fifth Element

For the Romantic Comedian:
Life as We Know It or Moonstruck

For the Action Hero:
Sons of Anarchy or Thor

For the Classic Collector:
The Godfather or Some Like it Hot

2. Event Tickets 
Another great holiday gift is a set of tickets for you and your friends or family to enjoy. For an artsy friend, a trip to your local ballet or opera could be just the thing. If you and your family love to laugh, check out local comedy clubs and casinos to see if there are any good comedy routines being hosted. My personal favourite - warning: this gift is not for the faint of heart (or stomach) - is Body Worlds. I bought tickets to the brain exhibit for an old boyfriend (who happened to be majoring in neuroscience) and we had a blast. It's definitely a great gift for the adventurous couple! Here are some other cool ideas:

For the History Lover:
Try an exhibit at a museum like The ROM

For the Movie Buff:
Get tickets to a local film festival like TIFF

For the Comedian:
Check out the comedy routines at Casino Rama

For the Music Connoisseur:
Cruise Ticket Master for upcoming shows

3. Homemade Spa Kit

The homemade spa kit is a personal favourite of mine, because you get a lot of bang for your buck. Admittedly this is a more female-friendly gift, but it could also work for a beauty-conscious boy. Put together a bunch of your favourite bath products in a pretty basket, wrap them all up in clear paper and add a bow. Try looking in wholesale beauty stores that are open to the public, like The Beauty Centre in Whitby, Ontario. Add a homemade body scrub by combining two parts brown sugar and one part olive oil and then scraping it into a pretty jar. Here are some suggested items:

For the Nail Buff:
Your Royal Shine-ness by OPI or Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails

For the Lotion Lover:
Cake's Glow-rious Glistening Lotion or Shea Body Butter from Body Shop

For the Fragrance Fanatic:
Twisted Peppermint Candle or Warm Vanilla Sugar Mist from B&B Works

For the Accessories Person:
Smooth & Renew Loofah Pads from Body Shop or Expandable Wash Cloth from B&B Works

4. Magazine Subscription   

Magazine subscriptions are a great Christmas present because they are easy to tailor to a specific person's interests and they  There really is a magazine for everything! Check out the website World Newspapers and Magazines for a more complete list of the magazines out there, as well as links to their websites. Here are some quick suggestions:

For the Adventurer:
National Geographic or Archeology 

For the Fashionista:
Vogue or Elle

For the Boyfriend:
Sports Illustrated or GQ

For the Political Savant:
The Economist or Time

5. Jewelry or Clothes

Although this category is far from original, it's always an old favourite. Steer clear of shoes and pants, since they are particular in fit and require the person to try them on beforehand. Watches are always a good bet for the men in your life, since there is a wide range of prices and styles. Men's watches also make great gifts for women too! When choosing jewelry consider what you see them wearing and then go from there. Do they wear silver or gold? Are their ears pierced? Here are some other ideas:

For the Watch Wearer:
Twisted Leather Watch from Fossil or the PRC 200 by Tissot

For the Necklace Lover:
Beaded Rolo Chain Necklace or the Turtle Pendent Necklace from Forever21

For the Ring Bearer:
Gold Ring or Flower Ring (above) from H&M

For the Fashionista:
Faux Wrap Dress from Jacob or the Festive Sweater Dress from H&M

Hope this helps beat the holiday heat!
Talk soon,

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