Monday, 14 November 2011


1. All About Eyes Concealer, Clinique

This is my all-time-favourite, can't-live-without-it beauty product. Just a touch and your eyes will instantly look brighter! There are a couple things that can accentuate dark circles. The obvious answer is that you don't get enough sleep; sleepy complexions are paler than normal, making your under-eye circles look more pronounced. Dark circles also tend to be more noticeable on pale or olive-toned skin. Since my natural complexion is very pale with olive (rather than red) undertones, I pretty much came out of the womb looking tired.

That being said, I have tried just about every kind of under-eye concealer and nothing comes close to All About Eyes. Clinique's concealer has heavy yellow undertones that counteract the purple and grey under your eyes. I use #03 Light Petal and it works like a charm! Another reason that I love this concealer is that the yellowness also combats any hormonal redness, so it doubles a concealer for around my chin and nose. Best of all there is absolutely no greyness or chalkiness. Just smooth, fresh-looking eyes! Perfection!

We all know it. Moisturizing your face is crucial to healthy, young-looking skin. But who can stand the oily residue left by so many moisturizers? Not to worry, Biore's Nourish Moisture Lotion is here! I found this moisturizer a couple of years ago after stealing some from my friend at a sleepover and I have never looked back. My skin is a typical combination complexion; I get oily around my t-zone (across your forehead and down your nose), but dry around my nostrils and chin.

Biore's face cream is nourishing and moisturizing without being heavy. It's also oil-free and it even smells nice! I use it in the morning after I wash my face - before any makeup - and it immediately relieves any tightness or dryness. I also use it before bed to stay nice and hydrated. Added bonus: it has SPF 15 which keeps your skin protected from the sun on a day-to-day basis.

3. Velvety Powder Blush, Marcelle

Marcelle is a great hypo-allergenic skin care and cosmetics line for people with extra-sensitive skin. My sister is allergic to most kinds of eye makeup, so she introduced me to a variety of their products. The Velvety Powder Blush became an instant favourite. This blush blends seemlessly into your skin and doesn't leave you feeling cakey or powdery. I like to use a big fluffy brush to blend it into the apples of my cheeks and back into my hairline. 

The best part about Marcelle's blush is that it the colour is super-pigmented, so it lasts a long time. Unlike many powder blushes, it looks the same after hours of wear. The rich colour choices suit a variety of skin tones and instantly bring a healthy-looking glow to your face.

4. LastBlast Volume Blasting Mascara, CoverGirl

Covergirl's LashBlast mascara is the best of both worlds. It elongates and thickens your lashes in one go. With two quick coats, you can have fake-lash lashes without the all the hassle of glue. I wear this puppy everyday and there's no flaking, smearing or smudging. Another bonus is that it comes off easily with a light makeup remover or even with soap and water. I've tried the black and brown versions and loved them both; the black gives you instant drama, while the brown lends you a doe-eyed, summery look.

I would also recommend the waterproof version. I am usually very wary of waterproof mascaras since I hate using harsh makeup removers, but this came off at the end of the day with a little petroleum jelly. No fuss, no muss. It took quite a beating during the day, when I wore it to the beach while I was on vacation in Greece. Despite the heat, sweat, salt water and sand it stayed put. Very impressive!

Last but not least, I added Maybelline's Eye Studio gel liner. I am a big fan of winged eyeliner, but I found that liquid liner was too much of a pain in the butt for everyday wear. Although pencil liner worked pretty well, it lacked the crisp, defined edge of a liquid liner. Maybelline's gel liner is the perfect solution! It has none of the hassle of liquid liner, but all of its precision. The brush that's included in the package is alright, but I prefer to use an angled eyeliner brush. Just dip it in the little pot and draw on a smooth, straight line. 

The Eye Studio liner lasts pretty well, with only a little fading by the end of the night, but I like to pack a black eyeshadow on top of it (still using the angled brush) to give it extra staying power. I've tried the black, charcoal and brown colours and all of them are great. I especially like the charcoal for everyday since it's a little less harsh than black. Definitely a must-have for the cat-eyed convert!

Hope these products are as great for you as they are for me!
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