Thursday, 8 December 2011


"You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you." - Audrey Hepburn

1. Chandelier

Chandelier earrings are a great wardrobe staple because they can add visual interest and colour to an outfit. When you buy earrings, ask yourself some questions: What kind of metal do you prefer (silver, gold or bronze)? What colours compliment your existing wardrobe? What kinds of earring back do you like (metal, hook, rubber or clip-on)? Chandelier earrings come in a huge range of colours and styles, so play with shape, texture and shine. Wear With: Try pairing them with dress pants and a blouse to dress up an office outfit. Suggested: Try this monochromatic pair from Forever 21 (find them here) or rock this bright pink pair from H&M for a pop of colour (find them here)
2. Stud

Stud earrings are my favourite! A small, subtle stud can be the perfect finishing touch to a sophisticated and elegant outfit. To add a little personality to your look, play with different shapes. Try hearts, letters, stars and animal silhouettes for a fun twist. If you want to add a bit more drama to your outfit, wear an oversized pair like the ones above left. They have a great 1940s vibe that can be dressed up or down depending on the event. Easy peasy. Wear With: Style an oversized pair of stud earrings with some white shorts and a light-knit sweater for a classy summer look. Suggested: Try these gold and blue studs from Tiffany and Co. (find them here) or a more affordable pair from Forever 21 (find them here). 
3. Pearl

Pearls are the perfect go-to earring for a quick, classy outfit. The best part is that you can find a pair that's perfect for your style and budget. Scope out the choices at affordable accessories stores like Forever 21, Ardene and H&M or splurge on a pair of Tiffany and Co. classics. Wear With: Try pairing with a v-neck sweater, a pair of black jeans and a classic black pump. Suggested: Splurge (find them here) or steal (find them here).

4. Hanging

Hanging earrings are another great way to add colour and texture to your outfit. Feathers can instantly to spice up a boring look. Buy a brightly coloured pair for a funky twist or a neutral-toned set that mixes in with your hair. If you're feeling extra daring, then pop a stud into one ear and a feather into the other. As usual, metallics are a solid choice; mix in other textures like wood and gems to keep things interesting. Wear With: Choose a pair of extra long brown feather earrings with a LBD for an unexpected choice. Suggested: Get an amazing pair of handmade feather earrings at Salvage LA (find them here) or this turquoise and silver pair from Forever 21 (find them here).

5. Hoop

Last but not least is the hoop earring. Hoops come in a huge variety of size and colour, so play around and see which one suits your style. Try a little pair of gold hoops for a classic look or a bigger pair of plain silver ones for more drama. Avoid too much bling on the hoop itself, as well as overly dazzled outfits; you don't want to look like the latest cast member on Jersey Shore. Braided designs, brushed textures and hammered metal are all great details that can add interest and texture to your outfit. Wear With: For a tailored, elegant look, pair with a sheath dress and heels. Suggested: Try this braided, demi hoop from Forever 21 (find it here) or a forward-facing gold hoop from Tiffany and Co. (find them here).

Wishing you good shopping luck! I've been working crazy hours this week, but I promise to put up a new OOTD this weekend :)
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