Thursday, 1 December 2011


I have a confession. I absolutely adore the holidays! I love holiday outfits, I love holiday reunions, I love holiday food (om nom!) and I love holiday decorations :) One great thing about winter holidays is that you can indulge in fabulous nail colours. Here are five jazzy holiday colours:

1. Merlot

Merlot is a great colour for winter because its rich tone will bring some warmth to your outfit. Look for a red-purple rather than a blue-purple. This colour is pretty versatile and will look good against both pale and darker skin tones. Pair it with a black turtleneck and jeans or a long-sleeved party dress for a festive holiday look. Try these colours:

OPI: Mrs O'Leary's BBQ
Essie: Swing Velvet
Sally Hansen: Diamond Strength Nail Colour in Save the Date 

2. Burnt Red

Red is a holiday staple, so try a burnt orange-red this year. This colour will be a lot easier to wear than a deeper red. Pair it with a great patterned sweater and jeans or with a black party dress to make a statement. Try these colours:

OPI: Vodka and Caviar
Essie: Red Nouveau
Sally Hansen: Complete Salon Manicure in All Fired Up

3. Creamy Nude

Nudes are the perfect go-to colour for the holidays, since they can be paired with anything. During the winter, pick a creamy brown-nude rather than a lighter pink-nude for a warmer winter look. This colour will be the supporting act for your outfit, so go nuts and try that trend you've been envying. Try these colours:

OPI: Dulce de Leche
Essie: Sequin Sash
Sally Hansen: Complete Salon Manicure in Naked Ambition

4. Chocolate

Mm mm mm. Who doesn't like chocolate? It's delicious in dessert and it's great on your nails as well. Since the colour is so rich and creamy, it's great for the holidays. This neutral colour works the same as a nude, so experiment a little. Try pairing it with pink, red or purple pieces for a complimentary look. Try these colours:

OPI: I'm Suzy and I'm a Chocoholic
Essie: Very Structured

Try Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in So Much Fawn for a more affordable version.

5. Silver Grey

Last but but least is a metallic. Metallics act as pseudo-neutrals so they are great for the busy holidays when you don't have time to change your nail colour too often. Add some shine with a shimmery finish or try a matte version to tone it down. Pair this with a great party dress or with a sheer blouse for a polished look. Try these colours:

OPI: Your Royal Shine-ness
Essie: Chinchilly
Try Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Celeb City for a more affordable version.

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